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Please note that the Amazon gift card program was discontinued June 2015

rGgS5Hw3PhSp3VNT43PDTXze9YfdthHUH is the Issuing Address to trust for XAG, XAU, XPT, XPD, BTC, LTC, NXT, and ETH. Trust r3ADD8kXSUKHd6zTCKfnKT3zV9EZHjzp1S for CAD IOUs.

If you trusted rKYNhsT3aLymkGH7WL7ZUHkm6RE27iuM4C, please remove this trustline, it is the Gateway's Hot-wallet and not the Issuing Account.

Money. It should be simple...

Our company's vision is to see that silver becomes the people's money once again in the digital age:

Silver Gateway

Do you already own silver and want to join the Ripple network?

You can deposit silver in exchange for a warehouse receipt, called an XAG IOU. These digital claims onto silver we custodian on our clients' behalf can be used to purchase XRP or any other asset available over the Ripple protocol.

Service Fee: flat rate of 0.02 XAG applied to each troy ounce deposited to XAGATE.

Credit Card Gateway Option

You may purchase bullion from any reputable online bullion dealer, such as, for delivery to our vault in exchange for our XAG IOUs.

Service Fee: 2% service fee applied to the total deposited.


  • On bulk orders of 50 XAG or more a nominal shipping fee will apply.
  • Withdrawals of XAG.XAGATE incur a 10$ fee for Canadian residents, 15$ fee for USA shipping, and 30$ worldwide shipping (plus applicable taxes)
  • For precious metal withdrawals, you may request to ship to your home address, work, bank, and you may request a withdrawal as a gift for shipment to a friend but under no circumstances will XAGATE ship precious metals to a P.O. box address
  • Fractional rounds and bars may be available upon request
  • Withdrawals

Crypto Gateway

Xagate accepts a triad of cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, and NXT. We also accept many popular Ripple IOUs as payment for our IOUs.


Minimum deposits to the gateway are 0.005BTC, 1LTC, and 150NXT. To make a deposit, trust the gateway address rGgS5Hw3PhSp3VNT43PDTXze9YfdthHUH with no less than 0.5 BTC, 10 LTC, or 150 NXT. You may optionally click the Trust hyperlinks next to each asset offered on the Deposit page to be forwarded to Rippletrade.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to act as a rippler, please enable Rippling. If you do not want your XAGATE IOU balances to fluctuate with other gateways you trust of the same currency code, then disable the Rippling option when you trust our Gateway.

Xagate uses the payment processor to manage deposits of cryptocurrencies.

Service Fees:

BTC 0.5% + 0.00016BTC
LTC 0.9% + 0.0026LTC
NXT 1.99% + 1.5NXT
ETH 0.55% + 0.0035ETH
CAD: See below for more information. Flat rate of 2$CAD plus fees applied by your bank to inititate an Interac e-transfer
Ripple IOUs:
XRP 0.99%
BTC.SnapSwap 0.59%
USD.SnapSwap 0.59%
EUR.Bitstamp 0.59%
GBP.Bitstamp 0.59%
Minimum Deposits:


Withdrawals from the BTC gateway incur a 0.0001 BTC transaction fee, plus a 0.00015 BTC service fee.

Withdrawals of LTC incur a transaction fee of 0.0005 LTC plus a service fee of 0.015 LTC.

Withdrawals from the NXT gateway incur a 3 NXT service fee.

Withdrawals from the ETH gateway incur a 2 ETH service fee, plus applicable transaction fees.

CAD Gateway

You can directly deposit your dollars to join the Ripple network if you have online banking!

Deposits to the CAD gateway incur a 2$ fee, plus fees applied by your bank.

Withdrawals from the CAD gateway incur a service fee of 2.50$.

Please trust r3ADD8kXSUKHd6zTCKfnKT3zV9EZHjzp1S for CAD and enable Rippling to allow your balance to fluctuate up to the limit you set.

Upcoming Features and Ongoing Projects

A Statement of Disapproval Regarding BillC51

My name is Taylor Warden and I am an open source developer who uses a money remittance software which is an emerging technology in the field of Information Technology.

I am a Ripple Developer and Service Provider. Ripple is an open sourced protocol, just like SMTP is for EMail, that is maintained by California-based Ripple Labs. Ripple Labs does not own the protocol; they build applications for users and developers, provide services to businesses built on the protocol, and control the supply of a math-based currency of the same name: Ripple (XRP).

As a developer, business owner, and operator of a Ripple Gateway, I wish to state to the Canadian Government that I advocate the use of "virtual currencies" (better known as cryptocurrencies or math-based currencies). I will not accept the Canadian Government labelling me as a terrorist, drug trafficker, money launderer, or as a means to sponsor acts of terror. I am a developer and service provider for the Ripple Network. I reject to live in fear of my Government should the Sentate vote to pass this bill, thus, I wish to petition all members of the Senate to vote against BillC51.

I reject to live in fear for storing or using cryptographically secure means of wealth.

Should this legislation become Law, it will not affect my dissidence towards the Canadian Government.

I reject to live in fear of unlawful seizures of my bank account's funds, takedowns of this website, unlawful arrest/detention, or seizures of my hard-drives/computers for the services provided by the XAGATE gateway project in which I own and operate.

I reject to live in fear for choosing to further the development of the Ripple protocol or applications built for the network. I also reject to live in fear for choosing to take part in the study and development of this emerging technological field of improved transmissions of financial instruments in a cryptographically secure manner.

If you too are a concerned Canadian, please consider joining the discussion on the Official Ripple Forums.